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Massage Services

Mommy Bliss (Pre or Post Natal) Massage~ A customized massage for the mother, or mother to be. Both the massage and massage table are taliored to each mothers stages of pregnancy and comfort level. This not only relaxs the mother but helps her body to feel at a more natural state during the stages of pre and postpartum. *abdominal massage is included by request*

60/90 Minutes; $60/80

Swedish Massage~A wonderful light pressure massage. This massage is designed to ease your tension, increase circulation and mobility, and promote relaxation.
60/90 Minutes; $60/80
Deep /Neuromuscular Massage~ This massage goes one step further than just a relaxation massage, by penetrate the deeper/core muscles in the body. These techniques aim to release chronic muscle tension targeting muscles, tendons and connective tissue.
60/90 Minutes; $60/80
Aromatherapy Massage~ A great add on service to a Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage. These essential oils create visualization and imagery that help the mind to reprogram to a create harmony and balance in your body.
60/90 Minutes; $70/$90
Hot Stone Massage~ A balancing and healing therapy with heated basaltic rocks to bring about intense calm and a sense of peace and tranquility. Warmed riverbed stones glide across your body, soothing the nervous system and relaxing muscles. Can also be added to any Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage.
60/90 Minutes; $70/100
Infant Massage~ Touch is essential to your baby's growth and development. This light and glidding massage for infants has been linked to numerous benefits, including: increased circulation, stimulation of internal organs, colic and intestinal relief, reduced stress, strengthened immunity and more. At the appointment this massage is taught to you and how you can bond with your baby through massaging at home.
30 Minutes/$30
Reflexology~ Is based on the principle that there is a map of the entire body mirrored in the feet, hands and ears and that pressure applied to specific points on these maps helps to create balance within the body, reducing stress, soothing the nervous system and facilitating healing
50 Minutes/$50


  • "I was in a car accident a few years back. Since then I suffer from horrible migraine tension headaches. I had never been a believer in massage. But after working with Alecia, my..."
  • "I suffer from chronic fatigue and getting treatments has really helped! I have more concentration throughout the day without feeling as tired."

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